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MAYNE Cape Cod Window Box 4FT

Price: $170.00 $151.99

Cape Cod Patio Planter 20x20

Price: $160.00 $148.99


Window BoxWelcome to Backyard Living! We are very excited to bring you a group of products that are designed to cater to all your outdoor needs. Every home owner is constantly thinking about ways to beautify their property, improve their resale value, while at the same time creating a livable atmosphere that makes coming home from work an event people look forward to.

After a long day’s work, sitting outside and relaxing on comfortable, ergonomic, attractive furniture that blends in nicely with the natural environment of your backyard is the best tonic to release the stress of a long day. Relaxing in a beautiful outdoor environment brings people to a calm state that allows them to enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty of the environment. Some people relax outside by resting and reading, while others pick up some tools and extract their relaxation by harnassing the physical process of creating the environment with their own hands.

Gardening hobbies supported by Canada greenhouse kits, or developing a unique outdoor space through pergola and enclosure designs is a unique specialty of Backyard Living Canada. Feel free to look over all our products. If there are outdoor living products you would like to see more of, please drop us a line. We are dedicated to improving our selection of backyard living products and gardening and landscape solutions every day. Enjoy your session with us.

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